To provide organizational and creative direction to clients, staff, and vendors by applying my years of experience in Wordpress, online marketing, thus making valuable contributions to a company or private sector’s operational efficiency, growth and success.

Basic Computer Course
4 months training

MS DOS 3.1, D base Version IV, Lotus 123, Word Perfect Version 5.1 ( Sept. 1992 )


Nepal Science College Kathmandu Nepal. Attended only three months, financial and family problem. (1992)

School Leaving Certificate

Anandha Kuti Vidya Peeth, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal (1991)

Work Experience

After 12 years of interval on computer field , start self learning and making BLOGGER, Google Sites, start self study on HTML5 and CSS and making WordPress Sites attached with E commerce . Able to handle independently on PHP and MySql.

Depth knowledge on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Business, LinkedIn

Motivation, inspiration, access online advanced course and last stage helps and recommendation always comes from Mr. Bryan,


June 2000 : Introduction and Basic computer knowledge including Microsoft word, Window XP, Internet using Yahoo and email marketing.

November 2000 : At Karon  (work-permit issue and left after 3 months)

January 2001 : At Patong Beach (work-permit issue and left after 3 months)

May 2001 : At Kamala Beach (after learning computer good bye)

July 2001 :  At Patong Beach (work-permit issue and left after one month, very honest environment)

August 2001 :  At Patong Beach (work-permit issue and left after 2 months)

October 2001 :  At Patong beach, good atmosphere and hospitality,

April 2002 :  Karon Beach (after learning computer good bye).

May 2002 :  Karon Beach ( Work permit issue)  

September 2002 : At Khaolak (work permit ok 🙂 )

2003 December :  At karon (work permit ok 🙂 )

2004 April :  Opened shop with partner, give basic knowledge. Word, excel and net knowledge to partner and his Wife’s Brother) but after one year separate  

2005 August :  At karon  (learned the lesson about trusting people )

2008 April :  Opened shop with partnership

2009 April :  Having own shop and I failed on it, ran away on  December 21, 2012



2000 (Phuket, Thailand)

Computer Instructor, teaching Window XP, MS WORD, MS excel , basics of internet, free volunteer service for computer problems around Phuket, Thailand.

1997-1999 (Temdu In charge)

Campion Academy (10+2 College), Kathmandu Nepal Worked under Mr. B. R. Subba, after 4 months Campion promoted me to TEMDU In-charge (Teaching and Evaluation Material Development Unit). Works includes Notes, booklets, desktop work at Campion Academy. At the time did photography too at Angeles Heart School, Campion Academy, Campion College and Connection Yellow Pages.

1995-1996 Computer Operator

Kanchenjunga Construction Co. Ltd. (Working window 95 with MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, digitized map using AutoCAD version 10.00)

1993-1995 Computer Operator

Integrated Research Application & Development (IRAD) (Working and learning D-Base III, D-Base IV, Lotus 123, Word Perfect 3.1, AutoCAD Version 8.00, and DOS base operating system; feasibility study of second International airport and digitized map using AutoCAD version 8.00 software)




169 cm


1 Soi Rongmai, Rambutri, Chaofa Road, Bangkok 10200


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My Experience

Email Marketing
MS Office
Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Online Marketing
Social Networking
Nepali Language

Spoken = Excellent
Written = Excellent

Hindi Language

Spoken = Excellent
Written = Excellent

English Language

Spoken = Excellent
Written = ok

Thai Language

Spoken = OK
Written = No

Burmese Language

Spoken = Little
Written = Little